Time To Wake Up (2011)

1. Destined To Fall
You only see what you want to see
And you believe what you want to believe
And for the sake of your own sanity
You turn a blind eye to reality

Soon we will crawl as they see fit
Incognizant of our defeat

They tell us all what we cannot do
They brainwash us with all their laws and rules
They let you feel you shape your destiny
But firmly tie your leash around a tree

Too numb to drop conformity
We're chasing our little dreams

Look at the beast breaking the chains
Waving the flag of liberty, prosperity and
Making us all kings without crowns
Destined to fall in ignorance and infamy

We are like rats - we don't choose our path
We wait for things to come and we adapt
A mighty leader is what people need
A mighty leader who will slay the beast

We are toy soldiers made of clay
A brave new world is on it's way
2. Break His Spell
Since the dawn of mankind
We've never interfered
Now the time has come for us to
Raise you from your knees

We can give you knowledge
We can make you see
Take away your fear of the unknown
Just step right in

Step outside his kingdom
Where grief and sorrow sing
Tunes of solitude and madness
For eternity

Enter our dominion
Where every man can be free
Where horrid deeds can be forgiven
Taste tranquility

In the arena of light
You cannot stay the same
It's in your hands to end his reign
There's no reason to be drowned
In never-ending pain
The choice is yours to rise and break his spell

I've always been around you
Since you climbed down from your trees
I've kept you on a leash and whispered in your ears
You never will forsake me
You are too weak and vain
Trust me and I will lead you to your golden age

Step outside his kingdom
Where grief and sorrow sing
Tunes of solitude and madness
For eternity
3. Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni
I'm back to see what you have done my slaves
The flashing light will blind your eyes
I came to petrify your hearts and souls
The masses hypnotized will set my law again

I bring you pain and sorrow
And all the fruits of hell that man has never seen
I bring war my friends
And you won't be given any chance to win

You are living for nothing inside my world of lies
Meaningless puppets
Scream as shadowland begins to rise

Get down on your knees,
For all atrocious sins you will now have to pay
Generations and their reigns slip by
But there is no escape and soon I will prevail
4. A Ripper, A Butcher, A Demon
A ticking bomb of agression
A beast that's trapped in a shell of a man
A ripper, a butcher, a demon
A wicked heart pumps blood through my veins

My mind became a torture chamber
A graveyard of all things I used to be
Of feelings, emotions, memories
All shattered by the hand of insanity

Save me - or take this wretched life
Kill me - or make the voices stop
Demons from depths of hell possessed me
Ripped out my soul and left me a void

For your own sake you better stay away
For your own sake walk in the light of day
The shadows, the darkness, seclusion
Are my domains where I feast on pain
5. Tonight We Die Free
We all knew that this day has to come
now we stand for the very last time
Side by side like a wall made of stone
we won't give them an inch without fight
We were taught we must never retreat
and there is no escape save for death
Kill as many of them as we can
it's the only real plan we have left

No man ever has seen such a force
as we did when we reached the Hot Gates
We defended our stand for two days
they sent hundreds at each of our men
Narrow passage rebalanced the odds
and their corpses piled up to the sky
They kept coming to bottomless grave
and victory seemed to be nigh

Shields! Must hold the line!
Must push them back!
Show them no fear,
drag them straight down to hell!
They are but slaves, their spirits are weak
We were born free and tonight we die free

My friend, go tell Spartans
That this battlefield
Is soaked with our blood
That bought liberty
Outnumbered by thousands
But still we obeyed
We stood our ground
Till all of us fell

They made out that they're wasting their time
that our lines can't be broken by men
But a sack full of gold sealed our faith
bought them passage around to our back
Filthy treason deprived us of what
they could not take from us in fair fight
They surrounded us and pushed us back
and arrows rained down from the sky

Pain, I taste my blood,fall on my back
And gaze at the sky, at the sky, one last time
I'm not afraid, I have no regrets
If only I could, I would die here again
6. To The Weak Ones
Through fields of sorrow, against the tides
You trudge across your life on thin ice
I'll give you comfort, help you forget
Sign on the dotted line - you won't regret

Listen, weak ones: Embrace me, let me in
Feel your blood rush, shape your reality
I'm your beacon, I will light your way
You just succumb to me

I'll lift your burden, I'll help you rise
But nothing good in life comes free of price
They will not understand you, they'll try to "help"
But you only need me - your new best friend

Inside my eden you found what makes you tick
Who cares your wretched life is crumbling brick by brick?
And I won't let you out there's no way out
Between heaven and hell is your place, your cozy cell
7. Time To Wake Up
It happened fast, I just closed my eyes
And raised my arms
As the windscreen exploded with shards
A brutal force tossed my car away
Stealing my breath
And pushing me beyond the dark veil

Am I really dying? Is this just a dream?
What is this cold place? (Time is standing still)
Is it really over? Is there no way out?
Is this how it ends? (God please wake me up)

So many things left to be done
So many plans, but my time has come

It's like a dream, but it feels so real
All my mistakes
I can see and all of my misdeeds
Those who I wronged let down or deceived
Was this my life?
This parade of misery and grief?
8. A Scent of Fear
> Ghastly full moon's rising
The beasts of night are rushing against the wind
The wolfs are hungry
The scent of fear - a promise of a savage feast

Get up and keep running
Run for your life - the howling is drawing near
Trip and be done for
Where is your god? The demons are closing in

In the night the howling tears
Through silent winter woods
Legend says this restless beasts
Are not just common wolfs

Full moon - a gaping bullet hole
Amidst the winter sky
Sets them free to roam
Wakes the hungry children of the night

Sets them free to hunt
Sets them free to quench the primal lust
9. Blessed Are the Fallen
Fire from the sky, raging machine guns
Dark was the night - we couldn't see them coming
Silence torn apart, desperate cries drowned out
We're on our own - no chivalry to save us

Is it worth to die
Far from home as wild beasts
That we've become
With no last goodbye
With no absolution and
With no peace of mind

In this godforsaken land
We lost thousands of our best
But someone safe behind his desk
Just kept them coming
Our minds were cracked and bent
By constant fear and threat
Even if you get home
You're good for nothing

After all I've seen
After hell I've been through
How could I live on?
Hideous crimes against all gods
unforgettable disgust
Twisted all I've ever been
I'm better off dead now
10. An Inch From Our Demise
No one really thought
The world we know, the ones we love
Could be swept away by one touch of fate's cold hand
Catastrophe razed everything we held dear
In a flash

And now we wander through the ruins of the world
We're digging for the pieces of our past
We're scavenging and hunting rats in the debris
On the edge of sanity, an inch from our demise

We're breaking new ground now,
Every day is a hopeless fight
Then we lie at night suffocating in the dark
On memories, in piercing silence we dream
Of life we knew

And now we wander through the ruins of the world
We're digging for the pieces of our past
Searching for the force within to raise us from our knees
To end this suffering

Where do we go from here?
When all is lost and gone
Where do we find the strength?
Where do we look for hope?
Is it a fresh new start?
Or is it just an end?
Is this the will of God?
Or did he choose to look away?
Are we forsaken?

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